4x World’s Strongman Brian Shaw teams with Redcon1. Shaw, also a 3x Arnold Strongman Classic champion that stands 6’8’’ and weighs in at 420lb., brings a positive and fighting spirit to the Redcon1 roster of athletes. You won’t find a humbler or more encouraging athlete on or off camera. It’s this attitude that was such a draw to Redcon1 CEO Aaron Singerman.


Having the right supportive gear is essential to me, not only for increasing my performance, but also essential in keeping my body safe and protected during all of my hard training and competitions. Sling Shot products are what I wear and trust to keep me safe and help me to perform.


I have worn a mouthpiece for years and initially it was just to protect my teeth from grinding during my heavy training. I have since found New Age Performance and the 6DS mouthpiece I now wear not only protects my teeth but it increases my performance.


The equipment I train on needs to be bulletproof and stand up to all the training abuse I put it through. All of the Rogue equipment I use in my training helps me to maximize my training sessions and keep me safe as well because I know it will stand up to anything I throw...


Every single day 4 time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw wakes up with one goal in mind…to improve himself in spirit, mind and in body. Brian lives by the motto BE GREAT and he applies that to everything he does. The single biggest reason for not achieving your maximum fitness goals is nutrition. Excelev8 delivers all the nutritional needs including the precise macro and micro requirements needed to fuel your body. We take all of the guesswork and prep out of your busy schedule. We allow you to focus on training while we worry about getting you the fuel you need to maximize your return.


I have now worked with Muller Acura for a couple years and they are a top notch dealership that gives back to the community whenever they can. I have done several events with them to benefit charities, and I really appreciate all that they do for me. My family and I have an Acura MDX from Muller Acura that fits me but is safe enough for my wife and son.

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