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There are countless rules about losing weight, toning up and building muscle. While generally speaking I’m a huge rule follower (diet related and otherwise) and these rules may have some truth to them, you need to remember that you are an individual and general guidelines don’t always work best for everyone. Similar to exercising, there could be the absolute best, most productive workout, but you HATE doing it and you just refuse. It’s better to find something you enjoy – like Fit Mommy Academy’s programmed workouts – and reap the benefits versus the ‘perfect’ workout that you hate and will end up quitting.

Here are three rules about diet that I’ve been told to follow and choose to break.

Rule 1:  Don’t eat fat.

In actuality, I eat a ton of fat. Nuts, beef, nut butters, egg yolks, etc. To be honest, lately I prefer beef over chicken or turkey. Yes, chicken and turkey have fewer calories, lower in fat and would probably help me drop some body fat. However, I enjoy beef more and it’s working for me. In addition, we’ve all heard it – eat just the whites, the yolk is bad for your heart, there is too much fat in the whole egg, yada, yada. Well, I eat at least 3 whole eggs each day and some days more. I enjoy eggs and it is way better than having pancakes or a bagel for breakfast. Or, even worse, nothing. Plus, I believe the yolks are good for you, but I’m not going to get into the science behind this. Don’t let consuming fat scare you because it can actually help you lose body fat.

Rule 2:  Don’t eat carbs.

Carbs are energy. You need energy to function. There are countless sources of carbs, including vegetables, but saying you are going to eliminate them completely is it a bit absurd. Limit them, yes, that is do able and can help you drop body fat, but getting rid of them completely is not necessary. I get carbs from natural sources – fruit and vegetables, but I do stay away from processed carbs like cereal, bread or even rice. I know some may say, ‘Well, it’s whole wheat’ and I’m not going to tell you 100% yes or no on that. For me, I do not regularly eat processed foods, but if it works for you then that’s fine. Generally speaking, don’t be scared of carbs as long as you are getting them from whole, natural foods and not overdoing it.

Rule 3:  Don’t eat after 6pm (or whatever arbitrary time)

This one makes me laugh! I not only eat after 6pm, but I eat right before going to bed and it includes carbs. Again, you need to find what works for you. More often than not, I see and hear people say they aren’t going to eat after 6pm and then about 30 minutes before bed they dive into some chips or ice cream because they just can’t hold out anymore. Instead, I use that last meal as something to look forward to, some down time for mom after Braxton is asleep and it almost always includes fruit because it’s like dessert for me. Don’t worry about eating later in the evening, but do make sure you make a healthy choice because your body will be trying to process it all night long.

There are many, many rules that are offered about weight loss. Some may have more science behind them than others, but in the end, the only rules that work are the ones that you can successfully follow on a regular basis. I have found that breaking these 3 rules works for me and just maybe it will work for you, too. If you would like more nutrition advice, access to countless healthy recipes or even a specific meal plan to follow, then be sure to check out the nutrition tab for Fit Mommy Academy members!

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