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We just wrapped up, as in today, a master bath remodel in our home. (This relates to health and fitness, stick with me.) It has been a PROCESS to say the least. The parallels that I’ve seen between this construction project and weight loss have been so ironic to me that I just had to put in down in words.

Let me back track a bit. We have been in our home now for almost two years. It was a wonderful home from the day we first looked at it, but we knew there were a few things that would need some good ole’ TLC. Or, in our case, a project we’d outsource because ‘handyman’ is not a forte’ of ours despite my husband claiming it is. Our master bathroom was the biggest eyesore and even the function needed some help. For starters, we had white carpet in the bathroom. Well, at one time it was white. After years of use by the original owners, it wasn’t exactly white. That was our first bandaid on our bathroom. The carpet was ripped out and replaced. We were so happy with the change…for about 6 months. Then we realized that the shower didn’t work for us. The shower was small, water splashed onto the drywall, the drywall was being ruined, the fan was too small for the humidity, etc. Our original floor change was great, but we needed to make a bigger, more lasting change.

We spent months saving and thought we were prepared for what was to come with a whole bathroom remodel. We got several estimates, looked at all of our options, talked about what we liked, didn’t like and decided to go for it.

We were promised a three to four week timeline, a set price, typical contractual stuff for a construction site. The project started off quickly and smoothly. We were surprised with how fast things were moving along, how clean they were and even how respectful they were of our family’s home and time. Then we started to hit some bumps along the road. Progress on our job slowed tremendously. Every now and then there were days when no one even showed up. Other days it was like they got a burst of energy and worked until 8pm as we were bathing our baby in the next room over. We had a disagreement about a step that they forgot to put into the shower. (C’mon women, I need to be able to shave my legs.) Extras got added in that weren’t in the original contract. Did I mention it took way longer than we expected? Eight weeks later, our project is complete. It has been a trying road having people in and out of our home almost daily. Dust and dirt everywhere. Sawing, paint fumes, water shut off, etc. But, in the end, I am so thankful we went through with the project. It took a leap of faith at the beginning, financial planning and a test of patience. The project doubled in length from what we expected, but I’m so happy with the end result.

Now, finally, let me get to how this relates to the weight loss journey. Deciding to lose weight, even when needed, isn’t always the easiest of decisions. So often we put in a tiny effort to mask the real problem, a band-aid if you will. (Like us fixing the floor. It kept us happy for a little.) But problems can still exist. A smaller problem may be that your clothes don’t fit anymore and this is problem enough; however, health issues or your doctor telling you that your weight is becoming an issue can even be a bigger push towards you taking the leap of faith. You decide it’s time. You’re going to gather as much information as you can, resources, diet books, exercises, and you’re finally going to do it. Progress starts fast and you are so motivated. The scale is dropping and you’re motivated. (The first few days of our project we were so impressed and couldn’t believe we had put our project off because it was going better than we expected!) And then, the scale slows. You’re tired and sore. It becomes more challenging to stay motivated. It’s not as fun as it first was. However, you can’t give up because you committed to yourself (and your loved ones) to be in this for the long road. Progress slows, but you are still progressing. Some days you might throw your hands up and not make efforts towards losing weight. (Think about the days our contractors never showed up.) But, the good thing is, there are other days where you are super motivated and you might do an extra workout or some additional, healthy meal prep! Good work! Slowly, but surely, you ARE making progress. Your timeline has quite possibly doubled. Losing the weight has taken way longer than you expected. It’s been harder than you expected. But, you have made it! You did it! Now, looking back, you can acknowledge that it hasn’t been easy and it has taken longer than you expected, but it is beyond worth it. Your health issues have gone away and your clothes fit again! (Or maybe you need to go buy new, smaller clothes! ???? ) Looking back, our project was harder on my family than I expected. It took longer than we expected. It cost more than we had planned. Considering all of that, I’m still so glad and thankful we went through with it. It has all been worth it. Weight loss is the same way. It’s going to be hard some days. It’s going to take some time. But, I can promise you, when you reach your goal weight, your goal size, or whatever your goal is, it will be worth it. You’ll look back and be so happy and thankful that you decided to start and go through with it. The time would have passed anyway, but here you are, at the end and have accomplished your goals.

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