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Have you been trying to lose weight and the scale is just not budging? Well, I have…

Let me be honest with you – this blog is basically a conversation I had to have with myself. As I write this I am 13 weeks postpartum with my second son. I am not back to my pre-pregnancy weight nor size. Also, I am exclusively breastfeeding him and that is my number one priority. However, I would like to get back to a body I feel more comfortable with and, to be honest, as soon as possible.

I started tracking my calories and was surprised to find out how many calories were in some things and how fast they add up. Yes, I realize you are probably thinking, “DUH! Keri!” but this happens to the best of us at one time or another. I greatly enjoy a crunchy item in my salad but know that croutons aren’t the best option. I have replaced them with almond slivers which are oh-so good and even good for you! However, turns out there are 190 calories in a ¼ cup of these and I was using probably 3 servings of these! So, just food for thought, no pun intended, measure and track what you eat for a week. Add it up. Are you right on track with where you thought you were?

Next, weight loss takes time. I hate to use the cliché saying but, yes, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. You didn’t gain 20 pounds from one unhealthy meal and you aren’t going to lose it after one healthy meal. Similarly, you didn’t grow a baby in a week and you aren’t going to lose the baby weight all at birth or even in just a few weeks or months. Give yourself grace. It takes time. Love yourself where you are at while you are working towards where you want to go.

Lastly, “muscle weighs more than fat.” That’s not exactly correct – 2 pounds of muscle and 2 pounds of fat are both 2 pounds. However, what this common saying means is that the same amount of muscle and fat, in weight, take up different amounts of space. Muscle is much denser and therefore takes up less space than the same weight in fat. So your body could be getting smaller, waist tighter, etc. without the scale moving because you are getting rid of fat and simultaneously putting on muscle. This is actually not a bad thing because muscle is going to burn through your calories much faster! Ever see how much a person with a lot of muscle has to actually eat?!

Remember, the scale is just a number. You don’t walk around with that number proudly displayed for the world to see. Instead, work towards feeling comfortable and confident in yourself and what you see in the mirror.

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