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When I first became pregnant, I was at a complete loss for the things I would want and/or need during my pregnancy and once baby made his big arrival. While I believe every momma is different, and every baby is definitely different, there are a few things that I loved with both of my pregnancies that I want to share with you.

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During Pregnancy:

  1. Who doesn’t want to keep the stretch marks to a minimum? I absolutely LOVED the Mama Mio line of products. In my opinion, they are a bit pricey but absolutely worth it! I ended up with no stretch marks from either pregnancy! (Although, I do have a few from growing up and being overweight at points throughout my life.) The oil was my favorite and I used so much of it, but I also used the butter as well.
    1. Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Oil
    2. Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter
  2. Another question I hear a lot is what to wear for workouts while pregnant. Well, I wore them for workouts plus every day life – Lululemon Align leggings! Again, unfortunately, pricey. However, I wore them before, during AND after pregnancy. So, in my book, worth it! And when nothing really makes you feel beautiful, you find the next closest thing to it and it was these pants for me! They come in many colors and lengths.
    1. Lululemon Align Leggings
  3. Prenatal vitamins are a must as you are growing that beautiful little baby. I’m sure there are a million great ones out there, but I really liked the Target brand. They are cheap, often go on sale and gives me an excuse to go to Target! Haha! And, truth be told, I take them even while not pregnant because my body responds so well to them. Regular multi-vitamins always tend to make me sick but these do not.
    1. Target Prenatal Vitamins


  1. If you plan on breastfeeding, then nursing bras are a MUST! For me, trying to find a balance between supportive but comfortable was challenging. Actually, I never quite found the right ones while nursing Braxton – for a year! Thankfully, I’ve found a couple that I really like this time around! I particularly like the sports bra one because I can comfortably wear a racerback tank (my whole wardrobe) with them! The second options is so comfortable, supportive and cheap!
    1. Amazon Nursing Sports Bra
    2. Amazon (regular) Nursing Bras – 3 pack
  2. Despite not restricting my diet, I still stress over my supply. Am I making enough milk? Is he growing like he should? Etc. I have found this supplement to be helpful. How helpful, I’m really not sure, but I haven’t had any issues with either of my breastfeeding journeys, thus far.
    1. Mother Love More Milk Plus
  3. Last breastfeeding item, for now! ???? Lanolin. If you’re breastfeeding for the first time then just trust me. You NEED this in your life! If you are breastfeeding for the 2nd time, well, let’s say it is NOT like riding a bike. You need this again.
    1. Lanolin
  4. I love baby wearing! And if you have a clingy baby, like my 2nd, then it can be a must! I wore Braxton mostly when I was out and about running errands. However, with Kellen, I wear him to make meals, do the dishes, workout, etc., etc. I tried many carriers, mostly trying to save money, and none of them did I love until I found this one! I really should have just spent the money from the start. I’ve used this for a 6 pound baby and a 35 pound toddler. Absolutely love it!
    1. Ergo 360
  5. They say to swaddle, but, 1) I am awful at it and 2) when you are exhausted, difficult things become even more difficult! With Braxton, we bought all the kinds of velcro swaddles we could find, but he just didn’t like any of them or I felt the fit was so awful that I didn’t trust them. Then a couple weeks in we received this as a gift and thought we have nothing to lose by trying it. AMAZING! We went from sleeping a few minutes to a few hours at a time which, if you’re a new parent, you’ll take anything you can get! ????
    1. Miracle Blanket Swaddle

There will be many, many other purchases you make – both big and small – in anticipation of your new bundle of joy! However, these were just a few things that I loved, but no one ever told me about or I didn’t find reading endless posts on Pinterest! It’s an exciting (and stressful) time as you enter the unknown. I hope these few, small tips can help you!

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