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A quick shake for an on-the-go snack is one of my saving graces. It keeps me from going through a drive thru or grabbing a candy bar to prevent me from getting too hungry which also leads to a sugar high and quick drop. And, while being pregnant, it’s even more important that I don’t allow myself to get too hungry.

With that said, I am not a fan of two popular things I often see with shakes: 1) Shakes without protein. I see lots of various types of shakes that promise so much, but they are often higher in sugar, even if natural, and lack protein. This can spike your insulin which is not good for weight loss. 2) Protein shakes with fake ingredients. While I’m pregnant, breastfeeding and/or sharing with Braxton, fake is simply a hard no for me. Thus, finding a shake that is easy to make, tastes good, provides protein and does NOT include fake ingredients isn’t the easiest.

So, here are some of my current favorites! You’ll notice they closely mimic one of those sweet drinks you can get at an all-inclusive beach resort, but way healthier and taste nearly as good! And hence the picture at the top! This was Braxton’s first international trip at 5 months old! We went to Cancun, Mexico and mom had LOTS of those drinks, but without the alcohol! I’m pretty sure I was the only 30-something woman saying, “Virgin Pina Colada, please!” Haha!

Strawberry Protein Smoothie
1:1 ratio of unsweetened almond milk and liquid egg whites
a few frozen strawberries
Pina Colada Protein Smoothie
1:1 ratio of unsweetened coconut milk and liquid egg whites
a few frozen pineapple chunks
tiny splash (maybe 1/2 teaspoon) of vanilla extract
a few ice cubes
Orange Crush Protein Smoothie
2/5 unsweetened almond milk
2/5 unsweetened liquid egg whites
1/5 orange juice (no added sugar!)
a few ice cubes

A few tips:

Play with the ratios. We all have different tastes. These are just how I like them! ????
Add/subtract/replace ingredients – trying swapping almond and coconut milks, adding vanilla extract or pure vanilla bean, swap fruits or add new ones like a banana.
If you aren’t against a little ‘fake’ – you can use a protein powder (actually, there are even a few that are much more natural) or add a sweetener of your preference to make these a little sweeter!
Lastly, just be careful with what you add…for example, 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter can add up to 200 calori

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