Undefined Nutrition Sports Supplement Pyramid

Undefined Nutrition Sports Supplement Basics – The Pyramid

Whether you’re a beginner at the gym, an elite lifter, or a competitive athlete, sports supplements should play a primary role in your daily routine. You see, the demands of ‘above normal' physical exertion places stresses on your body that it is not prepared for. This elevated level of physical exertion not only stresses your muscles, tendons and joints, but also your immune system, electrolyte balance, and of course important hormonal ratios like the testosterone : cortisol matrix.

With regular training comes a depletion of both macronutrients and micronutrients. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats comprise your macronutrient intake, while vitamins and minerals are defined as micronutrients. Macro and micronutrients form Level 1 of our supplement pyramid.

Both macro and micronutrients are where all sports supplement programs should start – they are the foundation to health, recovery and performance. At Undefined Nutrition, we have developed two exceptional, high-potency products that support the increased macronutrient demands of hard trainers and athletes across the world – GIGANTOR™ MASS GAINER and PERSIST™ WHEY ISOLATE.

These foundational products deliver high-quality macronutrients that are designed to rapidly improve recovery and drive the body into an anabolic state where it repairs tissue, improves lean muscle, and supports overall health and performance. 

These macronutrient-based products, are not meant to replace whole foods and overall caloric intake from food, but to add to a balanced diet designed for highly-active people. The addition of GIGANTOR and PERSIST can certainly speed recovery from exercise and place the body in a positive nitrogen balance to drive protein synthesis and positive muscle growth.

Once you have your macronutrient needs and demands covered, we believe the addition of ‘performance supplements’ is the next level of supplements (Level 2) to further develop a great physique and improve overall performance. Common subcategories of performance supplements are creatine, amino acids, electrolytes, beta-alanine and stimulants. This is a key area for Undefined Nutrition’s growth. To date, we have developed STRUCTURE™ CREATINE+, CREATE™ BCAA/EAA+, GREATNESS™ PRE WORKOUT and GREATNESS™ EXTREME PREWORKOUT. This category of sports supplements is of great interest to our team at Undefined Nutrition as we believe this is where an athlete can see significant gains in and out of the gym.

Also in this level (Level 2) that we have identified is hormonal balance and support. Natural products and ingredients that stimulate the body’s production of key hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, insulin as well as growth factors like IGF-1 are the focus in this category. At Undefined Nutrition, this is also an area of interest and growth for the brand as we know the value proper hormonal balance for both men and women when it comes to training and performance.

Finally at the peak of the sports supplement pyramid (Level 3) are single ingredient and highly specific multi-ingredient formulas. Single ingredient products like Vitamin-D, Iron, Vanadyl Sulfate amongst many others supplement specific needs of athletes. These single ingredient supplements are also combined with sport-specific supplements like sleep, joint, focus and nerve support just to name a few. In this category, Undefined Nutrition has developed SLEEP XT™ and RECOVERY. These are supplement that are very specific in nature and usually focused on a single-minded benefit or result.

With Undefined Nutrition being one of the fastest-growing sports supplement brands in the world, we have expansion plans in all areas of the sports supplement pyramid. Combining superior ingredients with the highest standards in manufacturing is at the core of our values, so pick a supplement or two and be sure to sign up to our email newsletter to stay informed of all our upcoming product launches.