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Evolution Athletics


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The Evolution Athletics 13mm lever belt is made from high quality leather that is pre broken in. This means that after only a few uses the belt will conform to your body and be comfortable to wear along with providing all of the support you need when lifting heavy. The lever on this belt makes tightening very simple and allows you to loosen the belt quickly by simply releasing the lever. This belt has been tested and worn by the strongest men on earth and has stood up to every heavy training session and competition.

To find your belt size, measure around your waist where you will wear your belt. If you plan to wear your lever belt on top of a support belt or sport belt, measure around your waist with the support/sport belt in place. We recommend subtracting 1" from this measurement to find your size. Due to the adjustability of the lever belts, we recommend picking the size where your waist measurement falls in the middle of the size range.

Sizing chart:
Small 25" - 31"
Medium 29" - 34"'
Large 32" - 38"
XL 36" - 42"
2XL 39" - 45"
3XL 42" - 49"
4XL 45" - 54"
5XL 48" - 57"