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Evolution Athletics


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The same great Evolution Athletics knee sleeves as the 7mm option, but with an additional 2mm of thickness to give additional support. Evolution Athletics knee sleeves were designed to provide the perfect balance of warming, support, compression and rebound while still being comfortable to wear throughout your entire workout. Careful consideration was put into the material selection so that the Evolution Athletics knee sleeves will conform to your knee joint despite variations in quad and calf sizes. Designed and tested by 4X World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw, to provide a knee sleeve to fit the demands of his own personal training. Sold in pairs.

How To Choose Your Sleeve Size

1. To select your knee sleeve size you will measure around the center of your knee with a straight leg. Do NOT pull the tape overly tight but just enough to measure your knee joint.

2. If you have very large quad or calf muscles, you may want to order one size up.

3. We recommend sizing up if you are becoming familiar with the use of support gear and/or if you will not have someone to assist you in putting on.

  • Small 11” – 12”
  • Medium 12” – 13”
  • Large 13” – 14”
  • XL 14” – 15”
  • 2XL 15” – 16”
  • 3XL 16” – 17”
  • 4XL 17” – 18”
  • 5XL 18” – 19”
  • 6XL 19" - 20"