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Open Heavyweight Men

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Open spots will be available for registration starting Friday, April 26th, at 10am MST (12pm EST). To receive notifications when registration opens, click the green 'Notify Me' button on the left side of the screen.

This is your competition entry for the Shaw Classic Open August 16th - 18th,
2024, in Loveland, CO at the Blue Arena. Please note that entries are first come
first serve and that your athlete order will be in reverse order of signups. For
example, the first athlete to sign up within a weight class will go last on all events
on Friday and the last athlete to sign up will go first. This order will remain the
same all-day Friday. Saturday and Sunday order will be based upon placement
in events.

This entry is nonrefundable and does NOT include any travel expenses or
accommodations. You will not be able to move weight classes from the entry you
purchase here. Women lightweight is considered 149.9 pounds and under; while
heavyweight is 150 pounds and over. Men lightweight is considered 231.4
pounds and under; while heavyweight is 231.5 pounds and over. Lightweight
athletes will be required to weigh in and make weight prior to the competition
start. Again, you will not be able to move weight classes or receive a refund if
you don't make weight or need to withdraw for any reason.

All athletes will compete in the following 3 events on Friday:

1) Log clean and press for reps - must clean each rep
a. Women – 10” for all: 175# LW / 200# HW
b. Men – 12” for all: 275# LW / 325# HW

2) Farmer's carry – 2 sets
a. LWW: 175# then 200#
b. HWW: 225# then 250#
c. LWM: 275# then 325#
d. HWM: 325# then 375#

3) Sandbag / Husafell / Torque Tank Push
a. LWW 175# Sandbag / 200# Husafell / Torque Tank Push
b. HWW 225# Sandbag / 275# Husafell / Torque Tank Push
c. LWM 250# Sandbag / 300# Husafell / Torque Tank Push
d. HWM 300# Sandbag / 350# Husafell / Torque Tank Push

After Friday's 3 events, the top 10 from each weight class will move on to
compete on Saturday and Sunday. These events are as follows:

4) Circus dumbbell for reps
a. LWW 100#
b. HWW 125#
c. LWM 185#
d. HWM 225#

5) Power stairs – 3 implements
a. LWW 175#/200#/225#
b. HWW 225#/275#/325#
c. LWM 350#/400#/450#
d. HWM 400#/450#/500#

6) Max hummer tire deadlift (no suits, no figure 8s)

7) Atlas stones
a. LWW 150#/175#/200#/225#/250#
b. HWW 225#/250#/275#/300#/325#
c. LWM 300#/325#/350#/375#/400#
d. HWM 350#/375#/400#/425#/450#

All Shaw Classic Open athletes will receive a competition shirt, athlete bag and
credentials for him/herself and ONE coach. Please note that the Shaw Classic
Open is separate from the Strongest Man on Earth competition. Entry into the
Shaw Classic Open as an athlete or coach does not provide any ticket or
backstage entrance to the Strongest Man on Earth competition.

Upon completion of this entry, you will receive an automated PDF with additional
information. If you do not receive this within 48 hours of completing your
purchase, please reach out to us at so we can provide
you this information. Thank you!