Brian Shaw Path to Greatness Seminar

Being Great - Brian Shaw's Rules to Greatness

In my life, the words BE GREAT have played a massive part in defining who I am. From growing up in small town Colorado, to performing on the world stage, I’ve always applied the concept of greatness to my life and sport. At public appearances, many people ask me what it takes, and how to become great at something. While I’m sure everyone has their own opinion and criteria of what greatness means, I wanted to share some of mine and how I incorporate them everyday in competition, business and family life.

Now this may sound up front, but for me greatness has been in my DNA from a really early age. I knew that in some respects I was different than other kids around me as I was naturally bigger and stronger than almost everyone around me. This really started to become apparent when I played college basketball. I quickly realized that I could use my natural size and strength to move opponents around at will – set picks that hurt, drive the basket with a presence that made the opposing team uncomfortable.

I was also strong… when I was in the gym, I knew there was something different when I lifted weights. Strength became my obsession as I continued to put up heavier and heavier weights. During this critical time is when I developed a desire (some people call it an obsession) to build my way to being the strongest man on earth. With this, I knew I needed a structure around my desire to be great.

I started developing principles and structure that would catapult me to the top of the strength game. My discipline to stick to these principles to this day is what allowed me to be my absolute best, every time I stepped on the competitive battlefield. Hopefully you can apply one or more of these principles to your daily life to help in the pursuit of your personal greatness.

  1. Obsession: To be great at something, I believe you must have a level of obsession. Obsession to a goal cannot just be a fleeting thought, as most things take a long time to accomplish. For me, my obsession was to be the strongest man on earth. I had a deep personal belief I could be, so I started dedicating my life to accomplishing my goal. I was so obsessed that I even started sewing my own accessories like sleeves and shirts for competition, because I wanted every detail to be covered. This is what led me to later develop Evolution Athletics.
  2. Self-Belief: To be great at something, you have to have self-belief, meaning you have to have an internal dialogue that help you overcome adversity and support success. Self-doubt surrounds all of us, but the practice of investing and believing in yourself can literally change how you build towards greatness.
  3. Planning/Goals: In my experience, planning has been one of the greatest pieces of the puzzle on my journey to the top of the strength game. I brought in the discipline of planning all my training, nutrition, supplements and contests long before any of them happened. I researched every detail of how the body works including body mechanics, nutrition, sleep, supplementation and recovery so I could prepare to perform at my absolute best.
  4. Inner Circle: When it comes to personal greatness, your tight inner circle is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Who you choose to surround yourself with is critical to your success. For me, it started with my wife Keri and expanded to my training partners, coaches and close friends that clearly understood what I wanted to accomplish. Each and every one of your inner circle becomes a critical component, especially in the weeks and months when you are not on the competitive stage. So, no matter what your goal is, making sure you immerse yourself with trusted, motivated and supportive people is a must. And let’s not forget that it is your job to return the support whenever you can.

There are of course many other details that surround personal greatness, but these are some of my main principals I identified on my road to claiming the Strongest Man on Earth™ title and four World’s Strongest Man championships. Hopefully you can apply one or more of these to your life goals and achieve your personal greatness!

Be Great!™

Brian Shaw


Brian will be hosting a Path to Greatness Seminar/Meet & Greet May 25, 2024 in York Pennsylvania.

Private seminar to hear Brian Shaw's path to greatness followed by an open question and answer. There will be time for a meet and greet at the end.

Included is a signed picture from Brian Shaw. 

Date:  Saturday, May 25th, 2024

Doors Open:  3pm
Seminar/Q & A/Meet & Greet:  4pm - 6pm

Address:  York Barbell, 3300 Board Road, York, PA 17406

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