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Evolution Athletics


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The Evolution Athletics triple ply elbow sleeves are made out of high quality materials that have great elasticity which translates to support and compression around your elbow joint when worn. They are a step above the dual ply sleeves and will provide even more rebound for any pressing movement which can result in being able to lift more weight and increase performance.  The elastic nature of these sleeves means they can conform to fit and support any joint size and shape and be comfortable to wear during training.  Designed for and tested by Brian Shaw these sleeves have performed under the most strenuous training and passed the test.

How To Choose Your Sleeve Size

1. To select your elbow sleeve size you will measure around the center of your elbow with a straight arm. Do NOT pull the tape overly tight but just enough to measure your elbow joint.

2. If you have very large bicep or forearm muscles, you may want to order one size up.

3. We recommend sizing up if you are becoming familiar with the use of support gear and/or if you will not have someone to assist you in putting on.

4. For tighter/competition fit choose one size smaller.

Small 7" - 8.25"
Medium 8.25" - 9.5" 
Large 9.5" - 10.75"
XL 10.75" - 12"
2XL 12" - 13.25"
3XL 13.25" - 14.5"
4XL 14.5" - 15.75"
5XL 15.75" - 17"