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Evolution Athletics


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The Evolution Athletics belt is made from 4 ply nylon webbing. While it is soft enough to conform to your body, it also provides extreme support during deadlifts, squats or any number of different strongman events. Brian Shaw designed this belt to work perfectly on top of the Evolution Athletics support belt to provide extreme support. The attached strap is 3” wide, comes with a flexible grip logo to prevent slipping and is fed through a “D” ring so it doesn’t bunch up; all of which makes it very easy to adjust when gearing up for a big lift. The industrial strength Velcro keeps this belt in place even under the most extreme loads.

To select your EA Nylon Power Belt size you will measure around the stomach area where the belt will be worn. If this belt will be worn over your Evolution Support Belt, first put on the support belt and measure around the stomach area AND support belt.

2. If you’re in between sizes, either will work. However, we recommend that you take into consideration your goals and expectations for any future physique changes.

3. Due to the adjustability of this belt, it is possible to wear a belt that is a size too small which means there will be a larger gap in the front; however, you won’t be able to wear a belt that is too large as the ends cannot overlap. Please email us with any sizing questions as we are more than happy to help.

Sizing Chart
  • S- 26"-30"
  • M- 30"-34"
  • L- 34"-38"
  • XL- 38"-42"
  • 2XL- 42"-46"
  • 3XL- 46"-50"
  • 4XL- 50"-58"
  • 5XL- 58"+